Stamped Passport Photography conducts a variety of gallery shows throughout the year.  Each show gives you an opportunity to explore a collection of work.  There have been collections on international work, the villages and people of Romania and A Year of Travel.  
The photographs showcased are always available for purchase or for future orders in different sizes or frames.   Additionally, there are matted photographs and notecards available to peruse, purchase and order.

Check the “News” section to see a list of upcoming gallery shows. 


This project work is determined by the customer’s goals.  This includes work done for executive offices, homes and vacation properties.   The most popular commissioned projects center on collections of hometowns, counties, or vacation destinations.  

This process starts with a consultation to understand your desired goals.  Once expectations are set I will provide you an estimate and timing for on-site shooting, prints, framing, matting and delivery. 

In the first round, you will be provided a variety of photographs to choose from giving you a chance to truly customize your project. 

Doylestown Project
Lehigh Valley Project #1
Lehigh Valley Project #2

Travel Photography – Prints and Framed Products

There are many ways to purchase original photographs from Stamped Passport. Check the news section for gallery shows, local establishments displaying work or schedule an appointment to visit my studio in Doylestown, PA.

I frequently update the “Featured Photography” section to showcase a new collection of photographs you can purchase. Click here to visit this section of the website. The most popular products are original prints, matted prints, framed prints, notecards and calendars.